Efficient & smart

Regardless of whether you want to make use of the visual effect of the high-quality stainless steel components of our firefighting system in the interior design, or whether you would prefer its virtually invisible integration into the building: an AQUASYS high-pressure water mist firefighting system simultaneously covers a range of different protection goals, whilst taking into account the individual technical and spatial requirements of your building. AQUASYS firefighting systems are suitable for both new builds and retrofits when carrying out renovations. The small pipe dimensions make the system easy to retrofit. 


Modern hotels place great demands on safety and availability. Both criteria are perfectly satisfied by AQUASYS firefighting systems. The risk of water damage is minimised, with the same level of protection, thanks to a up to 90% reduction in the water volume (compared to conventional sprinkler systems). The high-quality stainless steel components are easy to install and can also be aesthetically integrated into the architecture if appropriate. 

Shopping centres

Fire protection plays an important role wherever large numbers of people gather in a concentrated area. Shopping centres, with high customer numbers, place high demands on fire protection. Multi-level sales floors, huge shopping areas and high atria represent particular challenges that are expertly handled by the AQUASYS firefighting systems.

Parking Facilities

Hotels, shopping centers and large venues are only a few of the places where many people can be found every day. Traditionally, for employees and customers extensive parking facilities are offered for example in multi-storey underground garages and car parks. Defective cars, arson or unauthorized storage of materials are presenting a major risk of fire. Rapid smoke emission and panic can be the result. AQUASYS firefighting systems for parking garages ensure an efficient and space-saving system for the protection of such hazards, thus increasing safety for the entire building complex.


Hospitals, care centres and other healthcare facilities are home to patients and staff while also having to accommodate a large number of visitors. Given the huge investment costs and the great importance of these facilities within society, these kinds of buildings require reliable protection. AQUASYS firefighting systems fully meet the high demand for safety and reliability in one compact package. An intelligent system design and the benefits of a high-pressure water mist firefighting system ensure direct and locally contained firefighting in emergencies. 

Office buildings

The high power density and efficiency of a high-pressure water mist firefighting system and the resulting significant reduction in the space required in utility rooms, installation shafts and suspended ceilings, as well as the removal of otherwise standard booster stations on various floors, provides additional usable commercial and office space.

Listed buildings and museums

The protection of unique historic buildings, museums or archives with irreplaceable contents or structures requires a modern as well as gentle approach to firefighting to ensure that these are preserved for future generations. The low amount of water used means that these cultural assets are protected and possible water damage is minimised. The system is also easy to integrate thanks to the small pipeline diameters.

Train stations

Large train stations and metro stations with limited emergency escape options place great demands on safety installations.
AQUASYS firefighting systems allow the structure as well as emergency and escape routes to be protected, while also providing protection for people fleeing and the arriving rescue teams. At the same time, the installation of an AQUASYS firefighting system enables other fire protection requirements to be significantly reduced.

Data centres

The uninterrupted, continuous operation of the server systems is a basic requirement for the reliable backup of stored data. Extinguishing systems that are currently in use, such as gas, generally require the ventilation for the entire server room to be switched off. This means that servers also need to be switched off. In various full-scale fire tests, AQUASYS was able to demonstrate its targeted and effective firefighting capabilities, even with the continued operation of the ventilation system. At the same time, the use of water mist means that the server rooms can be accessed at any time, even in the event of a fire.