AQUASYS in Austrian magazine - portrait: Highest quality and effectiveness in fire fighting

High-pressure water mist systems offer unique possibilities for active fire fighting even under critical conditions through the use of innovative spray technology and high-quality materials. One of the leading manufacturers of this technology is AQUASYS from Linz, which has been supplying the highest quality materials and engineering since 1993, developing them to customer specifications and installing them at national and international customers. A summary from the technical report.

HPWM versatile use without chemicals

High-pressure water mist (HPWM) systems are used especially where different fire loads can occur simultaneously, where special values have to be protected, productivity in industry has to be maintained or critical infrastructure has to be secured. A major advantage is that liquid fires, for example of fuels, can also be effectively controlled with pure water without the addition of chemicals.

Expertise from product development to maintenance

AQUASYS combines product development, active research work, 1:1 real fire tests, simulation, project management, design, installation, commissioning, training, service and maintenance. Both local and international companies trust in the HPWM technology of AQUASYS, which offers significant advantages over conventional sprinkler or gas extinguishing systems.

- HPWM systems work with pure water, which flows at a pressure of 35-140 bar through stainless steel pipes to special spray nozzles, where the water is discharged in the form of mist. They use considerably less water and therefore cause hardly any water damage.

- This water mist not only cools the source of the fire but also the supporting structure of the building and extracts energy from the fire as it evaporates. Smoke and toxic gases are washed out of the breathing air. This quickly creates a situation that can be controlled by the emergency services.

- HPWM spreads in the room in all directions and is effective even in places that are difficult to access or in concealed fires.

- Due to the strong cooling effect and oxygen displacement of the high-pressure water mist, the AQUASYS system is also suitable for challenging scenarios and critical infrastructures such as tunnels, car parks, industrial plants, server rooms, transformer stations, cable tunnels, historical or contemporary building complexes.

Semi-stationary systems are also possible as a more cost-effective alternative. A mobile high-pressure unit can then be connected by the fire brigade at short notice.

AQUASYS uses stainless steel for all parts that come into contact with water, which means that the system not only has a very long service life but also meets the requirements of sophisticated architecture in terms of design.

You can read the entire report in the Austrian fire brigade magazine Brennpunkt (download).

For further information please contact us at info@aquasys.at.

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AQUASYS in Austrian magazine - portrait: Highest quality and effectiveness in fire fighting