AQUASYS protects German production plant in Azerbaijan

The plant produces and distributes food raw materials as well as essential oils and plant extracts. The company has opened a new production plant in Azerbaijan and uses a high-pressure water mist system (HPWM System) from AQUASYS to protect the site in the event of a fire.

The innovative company from Berlin was specifically looking for a competent partner who could supply a high quality and cost-efficient fire-fighting system for the new location in Azerbaijan. From the very beginning, AQUASYS proved to be an ideal partner for the supply and planning of the HPWM System for the protection of high-quality process equipment. Two advantages of AQUASYS were the decisive factors.

AQUASYS pump stations: flexible and durable
Pump stations of the AQUASYS HPWM Systems are of modular design and the pumps, pipelines and screw connections are made of high-quality materials. These are ideal prerequisites for future system expansions, but also for removal and reinstallation in other systems. The company therefore acquired a pump system in very good used condition and reused it after a thorough quality check and project-specific adaptations by AQUASYS.

Intensive support from Linz:
The HPWM System, which is planned in close coordination with the customer, is installed and commissioned on site by the installation team - with on-site support from AQUASYS. The company thus uses its own resources and can save costs.

This is made possible by direct support from AQUASYS:
- AQUASYS acts as planner, manufacturer and supplier of the system in the overall project.
- AQUASYS coordinates the entire project and thus enables a smooth installation process.
- The system is currently installed by the customer, including trained specialist fitters for fire-fighting systems.

Protection of selected production areas:
The production plant is divided into two floors and various areas to be protected with room heights between 4 and 12 metres. Two nozzle heads of different pressure levels are used for this purpose.

In an emergency, water mist is only generated in the affected area. Due to the low water consumption, damage caused by splashing water is avoided. Immediate cooling effect and the constant spread of the mist lead to a rapid containment of the fire, as well as to a washout of smoke gases and intensive cooling of the room. As a result, longer production stoppages due to fire damage can be well prevented.

For further information on the protection of production areas, please contact Mr Michael Bindreiter (m.bindreiter@aquasys.at).

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AQUASYS protects German production plant in Azerbaijan