AQUASYS protects parking garage in the city centre of Leipzig

To protect the parking garage of a new apartment building in the centre of Leipzig, the responsible persons decided on a fire fighting system by AQUASYS. It offers several advantages both in terms of the challenging technical conditions and in terms of economic efficiency.

High quality design of AQUASYS technology enables long life and flexibility.

Compared to sprinkler systems, the AQUASYS system uses significantly less water, is far more efficient and the components such as pipes, water tank and pumps are a lot smaller.

All pipes and water-bearing components are made of high-quality stainless steel, thus enabling a system service life of more than 25 years.

On the one hand, the AQUASYS system can be easily extended in the area to be protected, and on the other hand it can also be very flexibly modified for future requirements such as electromobility and the associated challenges such as battery charging stations. In contrast to conventional fire-fighting systems, the AQUASYS high-pressure water mist system is much more flexible when environmental conditions have changed, which allows extensive adaptations without replacing the system. 

Continuous support of our partners by AQUASYS project managers ensures a successful local project realisation.

- Our local installation partner was able to draw on the engineering and project management expertise of AQUASYS from the very beginning. Together a high-pressure water mist system tailored to local requirements was designed and successfully coordinated with the client, the planner and the building authorities.

- The assembly of the system parts was supported by the delivery of prefabricated assemblies such as pump modules, valve units or piping parts.

- Commissioning, training and handover of the HPWM system is carried out by our partner together with AQUASYS.

- The cooperation with a local partner guarantees the customer immediate on-site support from experienced and well-trained technicians and service staff, both during the execution and, above all, for the ongoing maintenance.

Protection of the parking areas on both underground levels:

The system was designed with consideration of occurring low temperatures (risk of freezing!) as a dry system, which is characterised by a very simple construction and reliable operation.

The pump system consists of 7 pumps, which supply up to 670l water/min. and thus provides sufficient supply for the different protection areas on both levels.

Ensuring the required water supply for 60 min operating time despite the complicated and very narrow construction geometry is a particular challenge for the AQUASYS design department in this project as well. Following our efforts for optimal AQUASYS "customised solutions", a solution could be found by using a trapezoidal tank, which, in addition to a direct supply from the drinking water pipe, also contains an additional supply via the outside of the building for the fire brigade

For more information on the protection of parking garages contact us at m.bindreiter@aquasys.at

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AQUASYS protects parking garage in the city centre of Leipzig
AQUASYS protects parking garage in the city centre of Leipzig