Innovative technology from Austria protects Los Angeles' Metro

In order to further increase the safety of passengers and carriages on the red metro line in Los Angeles, the fire fighting system with high-pressure water mist (HPWM) from AQUASYS will soon ensure this. Talgo, the train manufacturer awarded for the modernisation, is currently equipping 37 sets of the existing A650 metro trains with the AQUASYS HPWM system. This is the first time that this innovative technology is being used in North America.

AQUASYS achieved the essential breakthrough to gain trust and recognition for the HPWM technology in the USA by means of comprehensive real fire tests and numerous hydraulic preliminary tests. Once again it was confirmed that the AQUASYS system is able to keep various fires, including those involving packed travel bags, well below the permissible limits under control. The environmental conditions are therefore harmless to people 1.5 metres of the fire.

For its HPWM system, AQUASYS uses clear water without additives for durability or anti-freeze protection, thus scoring points in terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility, unlike other systems. Thanks to various measures, the HPWM system does not take any damage even if it freezes through completely.

In order to make optimum use of the available space and not to make any adjustments to the train structure, the required high-pressure water bottles were manufactured in individual dimensions. The bottles can thus be ideally installed under the seats or under the train.

AQUASYS prefabricates the individual system modules of the supply units to a large extent in Linz, thus enabling easy integration of the HPWM system. The system can therefore be installed directly on site.

Overall, AQUASYS and Talgo successfully implemented an extremely space-saving concept, taking into account the latest European directives and specifically agreed American standards.

For further information on rail vehicle protection, please contact Mr Fulvio Sais (F.Sais@aquasys.at)

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Innovative technology from Austria protects Los Angeles' Metro