Successful commissioning in India

AQUASYS protects another test centre in India (Gurugram, Haryana region) for one of the leading Indian car manufacturers. In this test centre, engineers are working on the design, development and evaluation of vehicles.

The Indian automotive industry once again relies on an AQUASYS system. Due to the efficiency of the water mist in fire fighting, the flexibility in the assembly of pipes and the compact design of AQUASYS components, it is highly requested. The scope of protection includes 30 test cells with intermediate floor area including smaller technical rooms. During the last seven days, pressure and function tests of the system were carried out. After successful testing, the system was successfully put into operation.

A special thanks goes to the local commissioning team of our partner Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited, which was trained in advance by an AQUASYS supervisor and accompanied during the entire commissioning.

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Successful commissioning in India