Spray Technology

Besides their outstanding properties as an extinguishing agent in firefighting, water and water mist also offer unbeatable advantages in other applications. AQUASYS has extensive experience in these areas and can also provide the matching solutions for these special applications.


Adiabatic cooling is a physical process and is often used in air-conditioning technology. It makes use of the outstanding cooling property of evaporating water. This draws heat from the air as it evaporates, which reduces the air temperature.


Controlled air humidification is an important part of numerous processes and applications, such as in the wood industry. Here, the drying process occurs at a controlled humidity in drying chambers. AQUASYS offers the ideal solution for a range of applications, from production through to disposal technology, agriculture and much, much more.

Dust suppression

Dust suppression plays a key role in applications such as conveyor and shredder systems, waste sorting and combustion plants and many others. Besides reducing dust, the technology also prevents explosions and fires caused by dusts or electrostatic charges.


Water is biocompatible, sustainable, cost-effective and is able to absorb a large amount of heat. Perfect prerequisites for applications in lubrication technology. For example, water can be used as an ideal lubricant for railway vehicles in order to prevent unpleasant sounds. GPS tracking is used to apply a fine water mist on the tracks at bends in front of the vehicle, which prevents screeching.