AQUASYS enjoys the long-term trust of semiconductor manufacturer Elmos

Elmos Semiconductor develops, manufactures and distributes semiconductors and sensors primarily for use in the automotive industry. For more than 30 years Elmos innovations have been making mobility worldwide safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient with new functions.

Elmos has been relying on high-pressure water mist (HPWM) systems from AQUASYS for the protection of its semiconductor production at the headquarters in Dortmund since 2005. In the years 2007 until today, extensions of the HPWM fire fighting system also followed within the scope of production expansions.

The clean rooms, their false ceilings and technical rooms are protected by means of a so-called "HPWM sprinkler system". This means that the nozzle heads placed in the rooms contain small glass bulb. These burst at a certain temperature and thus trigger the system only at the source of the fire. In the cable double floors there is an "open system" which is controlled by an on-site fire alarm system.

After delivery, installation and commissioning by our own AQUASYS technicians, all maintenance is carried out by specially trained personnel. ELMOS particularly appreciates the "all-inclusive" support in the cooperation, from quotation to project planning and implementation to after-sales service.

For further information on the project, please contact Mr. Hans-Gerd Drees (hg.drees@aquasys.at)

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AQUASYS enjoys the long-term trust of semiconductor manufacturer Elmos