AQUASYS equips new NEWAG electric train units in Italy

After the initial order four years ago, AQUASYS has now again equipped six vehicles of the Polish train manufacturer NEWAG with a fire fighting system. These wagons reinforce the already existing fleet on the Italian railway line near Bari.

The acceptance of the six vehicles for the "Ferrovie del Sud Est" line took place in Italy in January of this year. The train manufacturer already installed the AQUASYS components in the production line and they were then put into operation by the Italian AQUASYS partner ISE Ingegneria dei Sistemi Elettronici Srl. Passenger areas, toilets and driver cabins of the trains are protected. The initial approval of the fire-fighting systems in Italy took place already in 2016. 

High-tech fire protection technology from AQUASYS in the transport sector

Fire fighting for rail vehicles is carried out according to strict standards, which are individually designed for this sector, and requires specialist knowledge. AQUASYS already knows the specific requirements in the rail sector very well. Experts continuously check the systems with specific material certificates or elaborate product approvals and the company is one of the few suppliers worldwide with the expertise to equip rail vehicles with high-pressure water mist systems. AQUASYS customers also benefit from continuous design optimisations of the system with regard to weight and space requirements.

While the core of the main components remains unchanged, the frame, mounting points and position of the valve connections are always adapted to the trains. The nitrogen-powered supply unit for installation on the roof of NEWAG trains was also precisely adapted for installation during the initial order. The installation documents take into account both the installation rules of the train manufacturer and the legally required regulations.

For more information on rail vehicle protection, please contact Fulvio Sais (f.sais@aquasys.at)

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AQUASYS equips new NEWAG electric train units in Italy