High-Tech Fire Protection "Made in Austria" for more than 25 years

AQUASYS is considered a pioneer in the industry for high pressure water mist fire fighting systems.

Local as well as international companies benefit from innovative and individual fire protection concepts "Made in Austria". From the development of the systems to the service, AQUASYS relies on the competence of experienced fluid technology and mechatronic engineers. This enables modern and highly effective fire fighting for national and international customers.

AQUASYS is committed to the responsibility of safe fire protection and is convinced that with our high-quality technology we contribute to the sustainability of our environment and infrastructure.

Flexibility and process reliability "Made in Austria" through development and production at the company site.
The production and quality management of customized system modules takes place at the company's site in Linz, thus enabling direct on-site communication between developers, designers and production and assembly technicians.
Systems and modules such as pump stations, valves, adapters and piping systems can therefore also be reliably adapted to changed conditions at short notice.
Fully integrated quality and process management systems ensure continuous development and transparent improvement of our processes and products for our customers.
This creates the basis for being able to excellently meet the exciting challenges of our regional and international customers as an Austrian technology company.

Closeness and cooperation of different competences create additional benefits
With its own experts, AQUASYS combines different technologies such as hydraulics, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering in addition to the specialist fire fighting know how and complements these through the proximity and integration of test facilities, research centers and suppliers:

  • Teams of young and experienced technicians work together in research & development
  • Continuous progress is made in expanding knowledge through ongoing fire tests and in product optimization.
  • Experienced service technicians ensure professional installation of the equipment at the customer's site.
  • Cooperation with fire departments, expert offices for fire protection, national and international approval bodies provide important information for the optimization and further development of the systems.
  • Flexibility, reliability and supply guarantee AQUASYS also ensures by the closeness to reliable and competent suppliers in Austria and Europe.
  • International AQUASYS works with reliable local partner companies that implement the AS standards in terms of technology, quality and execution performance in the respective countries for the customer.

Innovation is part of our mission:
"With our "know how on the nozzle" we can face the changing challenges of the future well. To achieve this, we are constantly developing solutions for fire protection, such as for Li-Ion batteries, long tunnels or the expansion of urban infrastructure. That is why we as AQUASYS are looking positively into the future even in challenging times", summarises Josef Hainzl, managing director AQUASYS, (in the center of the picture).

For more information about our company contact us at info@aquasys.at

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High-Tech Fire Protection "Made in Austria" for more than 25 years