Advantage Water Mist

High-pressure success factor

The outstanding impact of the AQUASYS extinguishing systems provides a range of benefits compared to other extinguishing systems and media. The positive properties of water mist also allow grease and liquid fires to be effectively extinguished.

 Low water damage

...due to the high efficiency of water mist


 No risk to individuals

... Water mist is safe for humans 


 Small water storage quantity

Savings of up to 90% are possible


 Environmentally friendly

... water is a natural extinguishing agent


 Solid-substance and liquid fires

... due to the unique extinguishing properties of water mist


Small pipe diameters

Enables quick and easy installation


 High cooling effect

Protects the building structure and prevents spreading to other potentially flammable substances


 Three-dimensional propagation similar to gas

Also reaches hidden sources of fire


 Washing out of flue gas

Improved air quality


 No prior warning time

... immediate activation after detection is possible