AQUASYS safeguards heritage-protected Kontorhaus on Alter Wall

The office, cultural and commercial building ensemble on the Alter Wall in Hamburg (Germany) has been completely redesigned in recent years with due regard for the listed historical facades. The Kontorhaus, located directly next to the town hall with modern office space, conference rooms, lounge and storage areas, is now equipped with a high-pressure water mist (HPWM) system from AQUASYS for protection in the event of fire.

The high-quality stainless steel piping of the HPWM system from AQUASYS fits perfectly into the building structure. The pipelines are bent directly on site and can thus be adapted and installed with millimetre precision to the existing infrastructure.

Due to the very low water requirement of an AQUASYS high-pressure water mist system, compared to conventional sprinkler systems, significantly smaller and lighter stainless steel pipes can be used. This allows them to be fixed to existing brick ceilings or to be accommodated in the false ceiling area.

AQUASYS focuses on high functionality and quality for all partial components. Therefore, an efficient installation process can be ensured even when HPWM systems are retrofitted.

The first of two construction phases at the Kontorhaus has already been completed. The HPWM system to protect the three top floors is already in operation. Now the plant extension in the lower floors (2nd basement to 2nd floor) follows.

For further information on the protection of existing buildings, please contact Mr. Michael Bindreiter (m.bindreiter@aquasys.at).

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AQUASYS safeguards heritage-protected Kontorhaus on Alter Wall