​AQUASYS protects production halls of W&H Dentalwerk in Bürmoos

W&H Dentalwerk in Bürmoos, a world-leading family business in the dental industry, develops and produces dental precision instruments and high-end solutions at locations in Austria, Italy and Sweden. The company has expanded its Bürmoos site by adding three new production and assembly halls, which also include office areas. The production halls were equipped with high-quality CNC machines and processing equipment. The planning and implementation of the complete construction project was carried out by the general contractor WRS Energie- u. Baumanagement GmbH from Linz. Our client WRS and the builder W&H rely on a high-pressure water mist (HPWM) system from AQUASYS to protect the new halls.

The AQUASYS technology is ideally suitable for production areas due to its high reliability and low water consumption.

AQUASYS was already involved in the early stages of the project in an advisory capacity through WRS and was able to participate in the efficient protection concept for the various areas, such as production, social rooms and the collector corridor in the best possible way.

The system, designed by AQUASYS as a wet system, is triggered when the glass ampoules at the nozzle heads burst at a defined maximum temperature. These are located in the ceiling area from 2.5 m to 8 m high. When activated, the system only generates the person- and environmentally friendly but highly efficient high-pressure water mist locally at the opened nozzle heads. The system is supplied via a central pump unit and a compact tank with a capacity of 33.6 m³ and is thus designed for a service life of up to 60 minutes. Successful project and installation management, as well as rapid coordination in case of spray obstructions, collision and frost areas, enabled the smooth installation by AQUASYS.

For further information please contact Mr. Michael Bindreiter directly (m.bindreiter@aquasys.at).

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​AQUASYS protects production halls of W&H Dentalwerk in Bürmoos
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